What is special about the Slayer and where do I begin?

Slayer is one of the best damage dealers (DD) in Rappelz. But to achieve this it requires quite a bit of maths on the players part, IMO it's the hardest class to get to the end result.
Although they are a really good DD they can't tank very well whilst keeping this damage high. But, who wants to tank? You want those shiny numbers...

Firstly, you need to decide if you are going to play the dirk route or the sword route. Sadly, I cannot offer a lot of advice for the dirk route and there isn't anyone that shows what they are capable of, but that doesn't mean I can't offer a little help...

Swords are purely P.Atk and you only need to invest into Dexterity (P.Acc) to hit the higher mobs and other players.
Whereas Dirks are P.Atk/M.Atk and you need to invest in Dexterity/Wisdom (P.Acc/M.Acc) to hit the higher mobs and players.

If built right, your Slayer will gain you a lot more EXP (double if not more) per hour in PvE than an average CP.
Personally, my EXP per hour was virtually equal to those of the 7thSyndicate CP's. Sometimes it was higher sometimes it was lower, nobody could compare their CP to those of 7thSyndicate. Lets be honest.

To make a top class Slayer, it will require a lot of patience and farming for the money that needs to go into buying/making your stuff. Don't expect to get that build within a week.

I will try and cover everything you will need to know. Take a look around, and let me know if anything is missing.