I will try and get this done as quick as I can, but I do want to make sure the information is correct before uploading.


NYS = Not Yet Started
CIP = Currently In Progress
FF = Finally Finished

Text Changes/Minor Updates

NYS - Menu Header Change "CantSeeMe" to "Slayer Build" across all pages.
FF - Update Job Level page awaiting data for 51 through to 60.
FF - Remove CantSeaMe from the Menu. This character no longer has equipment. Replace with YouTube.

Major Changes

CIP - Slayer Build - Archive current page and change to the build I had before RB in 9.1.
NYS - Finish the webbased attack speed calculator (I was nearly done with this but had a major accident and lost a lot of the work).
NYS - Update the skill tree to the 9.1 skill tree.
NYS - Explain what I think the best way to build a slayer is.