KTS Epic 8.3 patch notes

The 4 new 160+ MC dungeons have been changed.

It now has some additional quests
When talking to the NPC at each dungeon to enter, you can now choose a difficulty.
There's 4 different difficulties;
Difficulty 1 (Low chance to obtain a reward from the final chest - So easy you are likely to be able to do it on your own )
Difficulty 2 (Bigger chance to obtain a reward from the final chest - Tougher than Easy, but still easier than the current difficulty)
Difficulty 3 (Will obtain 1 reward from the final chest - Same difficulty as we have in the current epic; Epic 8.2
Difficulty 4 (Chance to randomly obtain 1-3 items from the final chest - Tougher difficulty than Difficulty 3)

Additional Soul pets

- Unique creatures have been added.
- Unlike basic, rare and special, Unique pets can also learn additional skills at level 150 and 155
- 14 Rare, 5 Special and 19 unique creatures have been added

Confusing changes to soulpets;
They changed something with death tyrant relic, something to do with death tyrant potion
They're talking about adding potion skills to soulpets, which is nice

UI Changes

Pictures say more than words:
(Left warehouse, Right inventory)



New buttons:

From top to bottom:
Creatures and lootpet
Enhancement items (Soulstones and cubes mostly)
Quest items
Items from the Item Shop

Sort, Destroy and itemshop buttons have been moved to the bottom:

The way your inventory gets sorted has been changed.
It now takes Equipment Rank and Enhancement into account

Skillcards now stack:
Each + has their own stack, and if you equip one it will also be in it's own inventory space.

Skill changes

There have been a lot of skillchanges for the following classes:

War Kahuna

check the full patchnotes for a list of weird names.
Check out the changes to skills I discovered.

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