My Masterbreeder

These are the equips that I'm using on my Master Breeder, Mightnare, in Epic 8.2.
It is a longbow attackspeed and evasion build.
Next epic I will change my build, but to what, is still a little secret :D
I also explain my hotbar in full detail, it will probably contain some tips for you master breeders out there, and possibly also other classes!

Some of the images have been resized because they are pretty big, you can make them bigger by clicking on them!

End Result

This is what my stats look like when I have my buffs on. Besides one, all buffs come from my own buffslaves.
(I borrowed a Rally buff from someone, as my own rally slave is still in the making)

Belt & Skills!

On the right you can see my choice in Talent Points, below my beltset and beltpets.

Belt set: Salam
Slot 1: Cerberus stage 1
Slot 2: Cerberus stage 1
Slot 3: Cerberus stage 1
Slot 4: Skeleton stage 4
Slot 5: Skeleton stage 4
Slot 6: Crustallino card

Belt bonus:
30% P. Attack
30% P. Accuracy
30% Strength
30% Dexterity
32% Agility
32% Attackspeed
20 Agility
20 Critpower

I plan on improving the 3 cerberus to stage 3, to boost the P attack, Accuracy, Strength and Dexterity bonus to 33%.


My masterbreeder has a big variety in equips, especially weapon-wise.
Basically, I change weapon depending on the stats I have at that moment. I always keep an eye on my attackspeed plateau, as that is something I find very important. If you don't know what attackspeed plateaus are, I suggest you give this a read: http://rappelz-forum.gpotato.com/viewtopic.php?f=437&t=1001282

My main goal is to reach 349 attackspeed with a longbow, but this is not always possible. When you are missing out on one or more buffs it already becomes impossible. (For me that buff is Rally, as I do not have a rally buffslave yet)
This is why I have two +20 feral longbows; One with a 12 attackspeed awakening, and one with a 360 P attack awakening.
When I do not reach 349 attackspeed with my 'P attack bow' I switch to my 'Attackspeed bow'.
Below you can see both my longbows (Click to increase size):

When I am missing out on so many buffs I do not reach the 311 attackspeed plateau with a longbow, I switch to one of my crossbows, to try and reach 360 attackspeed with a crossbow.
But if I can not reach 360 or 349 attackspeed with a crossbow, I switch back to my longbow, because of the big attackspeed plateau gap for crossbows (251 attackspeed has same amount of attacks as 348 for crossbow)

I currently have 2 crossbows for this. Just like the longbows, one with attackspeed awakening and one with P attack awakening.
The third crossbow is going on my ranged soulpet, as soon as I get one.

As you can see, a lot of this ranged masterbreeder build lies around the attackspeed you have.

Armor wise, I have 2 sets, but am almost always using the same.
One set is Feral with agility stones, the other is Feral with Dexterity stones.
When I was still lower level, around 160, I was only using a crossbow with my Dexterity armor set. This was because when I switched to longbow with agility stones, my accuracy would be too low.
Now that I'm 167, I no longer have this issue, so I can always use my Agility build. A bonus that comes with this is that I get quite a nice amount of evasion from all of the agility!

But when I cannot reach 349 or 360 attackspeed with a crossbow, I switch back to a longbow, but I also switch my armor set from Agility to Dexterity.

The only item I do not have 2 of is my armor, my +20 feral summoner armor has an Agility and Annihilation stone.
Basically, the only difference between my 2 armor sets are the stones.

The armor:

The agility set:

The dexterity set:

My pet!

Currently I only have 1 pet I always use, the second one I have yet to tame (or buy!)
As mainpet I have a stage 5 undine, which was given to me by gPotato for being the first player to hit 170 on the US servers!

Above you can see it's stats with buffs, and the skills I chose. Below you can see it's equips!
I went for a 2h axe with P accuracy awakening, because for my undine accuracy was an issue. Now with this axe that is no longer the case.
It is using the soulpet artifacts because undine artifacts are near impossible to achieve!

My hotbar

What I have on my hotbar, and why!

To start off, I use the "Epic V" settings. Altho the devs gave them bugs when they implemented the new hotkey layout, I still prefer this.
I do NOT like to be locked out of my hotkeys when I am typing, and playing without talking to others gets boring quickly!

To start off with:

Row 1

Row 1 is basically the only row I use my keyboard for.

F1 is Creature Attack, F3 is Attack. I use seperate attack buttons for my characters and pet, because my pet is the tank, and if a monster is far away and I am not full HP, I want it to attack first.
F2 is luna chip level 7, I switch this to level 8 (In row 2) when at butkadah
F4 is Pick up, because lootpets are too slow. Simple as that.

F5~F12 are all heals!
F5~F8 are the heals of my blue pixie (I currently do not have a soulpet healer yet, as I haven't seen a single one I liked yet)
F9 is Creature Restoration, F10 is Mass Soothing. When my pet, or someone else's needs a heal, I hit Alt-V (Weaponswitch) to my staff and hit both F9 and F10 for a very powerful heal over time combo. (Both heal for around 3k per tick every second or so)
F11 I actually rarely use, I don't know why I still have this on my hotbar, now that I think about it, I should switch it around with a HP Recovery scroll!
F12 is my emergency heal button for my pet!

Row 2

Row 2 contains all my Undine's attackskills, threatening essence, and the shadow illusion of my blue pixie and rank 6 nanani I was leveling up at this time.
The undine skills are often cast by hand, but when I say hand, I mean mouse clicks! I do not like to waste the powerful hits (2000k+ per skill) on mobs with 50k HP!
In DPs where I play support-healer and support-tank, I put the first two skills on autocast, but still leave 3 attackskills for when I need quick agro!
Summon and recall creature is obvious, same goes for the return scroll

Row 3

Row 3 contains a placeholder for level 8 lunachip, because I only switch that around when in butkadah's chamber, as mentioned earlier.
Next to the lunachip you see an Enhanced red potion level 8. This baby heals you for 4200 HP with only 30 seconds cooldown! It's a lifesaver and unfortunately something that gets barely used.
Then there's Minor healing. Also barely anyone uses this skill, but I use it quite often. When I am leveling up a pet in cube dungeon, or just solo for funsies, I do not have a healpet out.
The minor healing, enhanced red potion and HP Recovery scroll keep me alive! Pet heals on row 1 - F9~F12 keep my pets alive!
Row 3 continues with Creature resurrection, something I barely use, but it's just there for when I do need it.
Then there's my pet buffs area. Starting out with a very important skill: Eternal lifeguard.
If your staged pet dies with the Eternal Lifeguard effect on it, and you revive it with it, it recovers the durability it lost! Awesome @_@
On the 9th spot is a skill every Master Breeder knows; Defense Mastery. One of masterbreeder's most powerful buffs.

But on spot #10 you find something barely anyone uses. This is a scroll that gives the Wind Potion effect to the pet you use it on.
+20 movement speed is very important for a melee pet, and will actually improve it's DD, because it gets to the next monster faster... And that all for 3000 rupees per scroll! You can buy these at a Merchant in any town!
Then there's another Master Breeder' movement speed buff, followed by Divine Claw.

Row 4

Row 4 is quite empty, it contains level 20 and level 17 of my undine unity. When I use my blue pixie or am leveling a noobie pet, I use level 20 unity, but when I am leveling my nanani I use level 9 or 17 unity, so that I get the Windsong unity effect! (Which is level 10, or 18+, depending on it's level or stage at that moment. It currently is stage 3, level 149, so the unity is level 18.

Then there's gloves and boots, both fortifying. They contain block pdef and vitality soulstones. I use these in combination with my fortifying shield and 1h mace (Row 8) when I need to run through a big group of monsters.
Followed by 2 longbows, these are my +20 feral longbows you saw earlier. The first is with attackspeed awakening, the second is with P attack awakening.
And finally one of my lootpets, and my hidden village pass (Not everyone knows this, but if you click the pass, you teleport to HV instantly!
I had 4 lootpets on my hotbar to switch them around daily, but I had to remove them because of the hotbar reset bug if you have more than 90 items on your hotbar :(

Row 5

Luna chips, and luna bags! Easy to see howmany I have left, and if that amount is low, I open up some more bags!
Level 13 taming
My buff area continues! Starting off with all my toggles: Pass Damage, Grim Desire, Summon Mastery, Vit support, Int Support.
Then comes Vit Boost, Int Boost and Str Boost.

Row 6

First you see my Rudra set, I use this only when taming. Then comes a Feral Boar's Ring, I sometimes switch this around with the Fortifying Boar ring on the Row above, when I need to skip a big group of monsters!
With all the block pdef and vitality combined from all of these equips, and pass damage, I'm almost as tanky as a Templar!

Then you see gloves, boots and a helmet! This is my Agility armor set.
Then, just like the longbows on row 4, first you see the +20 feral crossbow with Attackspeed awakening, followed by the +20 feral longbow with P attack awakening!
And then there's the Dismount option, with my Dragon mount (That is currently on an alt). I do not use sprightly gear for running, because there's just no space for it on my hotbar!

Row 7

Level 14 taming! You can get level 14 taming by using a Rudra set, and having the Wisdom Awakening buff (From Death Tyrant, or Support soul pet) on you.
Taming scrolls! To be used with the taming skill!
MP Recovery scroll, for when I or a party member needs some MP.
Then comes a temporary spot for the nanani skills I was leveling, level 18 unity, timing attack and Rapid Fire...
Enhanced potions! Something everyone should have on their hotbar! They're almost free to make, and give a 30 min boost that succeeds Superior Wind, Quick and Spell potions!

Then you see something not all of you might recognize. They're scrolls from Hidden Village that allow you to browse the AH, and the one in slot #12 is to open your warehouse anywhere you want. A must have on your hotbar if you have access to hidden village!

Row 8

Starting off with my Salam set, directly above my Rudra set, for easy switching.
Then comes the Fortifying boar ring, mentioned earlier in Row 6.
There's my +20 feral summoner armor, followed by my Dexterity armor set, also directly above my Agility set, for easy switching!

And finally you have my +20 feral 2h staff, a +20 fortifying shield and a +0 fortifying 1h mace!
My 'weapon-switch' weapon is always either one of those. It is the shield and mace when I need to take a lot of hits soon, usually when running through a dungeon.
The 2h staff is what I use to switch to to heal pets with!

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