The statbuilder

What is it?

It's a program that calculates what stats you would have ingame with the selected equips / skills / buffs etc.
Below you can see what the statbuilder is capable of, on the left you can see my in-game stats, and on the right are stats calculated by my statbuilder:

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A full screenshot of these stats in the statbuilder:


The statbuilder only works on Windows Vista and newer, and requires you to have .NET Framework 4.5 installed.
You can download .NET Framework 4.5 here:

Internet access

My statbuilder has 2 functions of which it needs internet access. These are:
- Update function. It reads this exact page for the version number, (Version 4.0+) and if there's a new update available, it will download it for you. (Version 4.4+)
- Start-up message. It embeds a textfile from my website in the first page you see when you start up the statbuilder (Version 4.5+)

Each startup will use roughly 20kb of data for these two functions. If you do not want this, you can turn it off in the preferences (Allow internet access? (Version 4.5+))

So why is this program useful?

It's free!
If you're trying to reach specific stats ingame, this calculator can help you with it!
Changing your soulstones 30x, or making 20 different weapons +20, all with galaxy and awakening is not exactly cheap.

You could for example, use this program to calculate howmuch of an attackspeed awakening you need to reach that attackspeed plateau
Or, thinking of improving your beltpets? With this calculator you can see what impact that would have on your stats : )

Why is it still in beta state?

Because there are soooo many different options and combinations, it's quite hard to find bugs or errors in the calculation process myself.
Thats why I've released a public beta on Wednesday august '13, in hope you guys would play around with it, see if your ingame stats match the calculator's under the same circumstances.

Also, there's only a select amount of equips available as of yet.
I wanted to finish all classes first, before I added more equips. But I will be adding more equips soon.

How can I help you test?

You could help me test by
1. Downloading the latest version of the calculator,
2. Logging into the game
3. Fill everything in the calculator like you have it ingame where possible (I'm missing a lot of equips, so you need to temporarely unequip the equips I do not have)
4. Check if the stats are the same ingame as on the calculator
5. Post me a screenshot of it here if that is not the case (Other than patk/matk/pdef/mdef difference by 1-2%)
6. Please include your class, joblvl, level, class skills, and.. everything else :D

I think I found a bug or error in your calculator!

Aww it has a bug : (
But yeey you found it!
Are you sure you're running the latest version?
If you could let me know what goes wrong by posting in the comment section, that would be greatly appreciated
If it is stat related, please first doublecheck if all the options you selected are the same as you have ingame

If you're sure that's the case, then please show me a screenshot of your stat window ingame, and the calculator
and let me know what options you all have selected, and then I mean all of them :D

I don't like a certain part of your calculator and would like you to change it!

I'm open for suggestions
Please let me know what you would like to see different, and I could consider changing it :D


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