Useful links

Map of Palmir Plateau (By Shaulva)
Interactive Map of Palmir Plateau (By Lina - German Rappelz server Horus)
Attackspeed Plateaus explained (By blueheaven67, Elite, Foxalt, alexandercadeyrn, entspringen and madhatteress)
Veiled Island Quest Guide (By Blender (English rappelz version but German text, guide works great with google translate))
Witch Quest 2 guide part 1 (RappelzPets blog)
Witch Quest 2 guide part 2 (RappelzPets blog)
[TP] Nature Spirit Quest map (By Blender)
Soul pet skills (By Blender)
Soul pet overview Part 1 and Part 2 (By Blender)

Do you have some more links I could put here? Let me know

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