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What do I use?

A lot of people ask me what I use to create my YouTube videos,
The answer is: Fraps to record and Sony Vegas Studio and/or Windows Live Movie Maker to render!

A lot of people dislike Windows Live Movie Maker, which is something I can't understand!
The amount of options are obviously less than with Vegas Studio or After Effects, but it's very easy to use, it's completely free and you can still produce very nice quality videos with it!
Here's an example of a video of mine I created with Windows Live Movie Maker:
The quality is almost as if you're playing the game itself. The video looks better on your computer, but to reduce loading times, YouTube lowers the quality a bit !

On this page you can find some info about how I record and render my videos, hoping this will help some people out with creating their own videos.
If it does, be sure to let me know!

And how do I use it?


I play the game in Window mode, on a custom set resolution, this resolution is 1777x1000.
I picked this resolution because my screen resolution is 1920x1080, and with this size no parts of the game are hidden behind things such as your taskbar, or outside of your screen!
But also important is that this resolution is 16:9.
Having your videos 16:9 will make sure that there are no black bars anywhere in your video, something that many videos do have.

The resolution 1777x1000 does not show in your game's option screen, you can only set this resolution by modifying the rappelz_v1.opt file in your game folder!
(This file is where Rappelz saves all of your settings!)

To set a custom resolution, you need to go to your game folder and locate the rappelz_v1.opt file.
Then try to open it, select 'Select a program from a list of installed programs' and then choose Notepad.
This will look something like this:

What you need to change speaks for itself, the second and third line, stand for width and height respectively.
If you are not sure if the resolution you want is 16:9, someone has created a calculator for this and it can be found here:
Or if your screen is 1920x1080 you can just pick 1777x1000 like I did!


Fraps is a paid for program, or free for use with limited recordtime and a watermark in your videos!
Fraps delivers the best quality videosize, but this comes with a cost; the file sizes are gigantic!
If you wish to record a video with Fraps and your harddrive is not fast enough, you will not be able to record with Fraps!
I would suggest saving the videofile on another harddrive than the drive your game is located on, if this drive is an external drive, make sure it is connected through USB3.0 or eSATA. USB2.0 will not work.
If Fraps is not an option, I would suggest you look into Bandicam.

My Fraps settings are pretty simple:

Windows Movie Maker

Before you render, make sure you pick the appropriate screen size.
At the Project tab, there's 2 buttons under Aspect ratio.
One is Widescreen (16:9) and one is Standard (4:3).
Try pressing both of them, and pick the one that does not have any black bars around the video.

To render with Windows Movie Maker I use a custom setting.
To create a custom render setting, you have to click the click the start button in Windows Movie Maker, click Save Movie and scroll all the way down!
From the Setting list, pick 'For high-definition display'
At Bit rate, change the value to '12000'
Change the name to something else, 'YouTube 1080p' for example.
Hit save, and then hit save again.

What this does is reducing the filesize by a lot, and the quality by a little.
When you upload a video to YouTube, YouTube reduces the bitrate anyways, so this just saves you out on diskspace and more importantly: time to upload.

Vegas Pro 12

When you start with a new Vegas project, and you add your first video fragment to the timeline, always base the project settings on your video.

If your video is 1777x1000, your project settings must be at 1777x1000. No worries, the final product will be 1920x1080, this is just to get rid of some render issues with vegas.

My render settings with Vegas pro is a customized template under MainConcept AVC/AAC (*.mp4;*.avc)
I customized the Internet HD 1080p template.

Under the 'Video' tab I changed the Encode mode to 'Render using OpenCL if available'. But this may not work for you. To know what is right for you, you need to go to the System tab and click 'Check GPU'.
If it says OpenCL is available, you can also render using OpenCL. If it says CUDA is available, you can pick Render using CUDA from the list.
If neither is available, you must render with the cpu.
What this does is rendering the video with your graphics card instead of your CPU. Your graphics card is much more powerful than your CPU and will be able to render the video a lot faster.

Under the 'Audio' tab I changed the Sample rate to 96.000 and the Bit rate to 384.000
Putting this higher is useless, as the highest audio bitrate YouTube supports is 384.000.

Be sure to save this template, and favorite it so it's easier to find later on.
Also make sure you do NOT have 'Stretch video to fill output frame size (do not letterbox) checked.
This is a global render setting, not part of your custom setting.

I hope this helps some of you guys out to create videos for on YouTube!

Be sure to let me know if this helped you or not : )

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