The beltstat calculator

This program was just for me to learn writing code, the project has turned into a full stats calculator,
and I will no longer be updating this. But you can still use this if you want to!

This calculator is made for those who do not know how belt stats are calculated, or just for the lazy.
It works on all versions of Windows; XP or above

It requires you have Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 Client or above installed to your pc.
Don't worry, almost all computers have this installed already, but if you don't, you can find it here;

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Leave a comment and let me know

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Version history

Version 1.00 I thought it worked fine
Version 1.01 Fixed Baphomet (Now gives 19% castspeed instead of 18%)
Version 1.02 Fixed wolf and skeleton's multiple pet bonus
Version 1.03 Added a link to my blog because I'm sad that no one leaves me a comment :(
Version 1.04 Fixed orc in belt slot 5, if you changed it from orc to something else, some strength bonus wouldn't go away. Thank you Halbab : )
Version 2.0 Added a reset button, button to turn off the custom font, label that shows the version you're running and you can now also use the calculator in french. French translation by Elënwe, Kentauros server
Version 2.1 Changed language buttons & added Japanese (Translation by ELLE)
Version 2.2 Added Italian (Translation by Jhyrar)
Version 2.3 Added Turkish (By Guardepiz) and German (By Busch), Changed koala's crit bonus from 6% adictive to 17% percentage
Version 3.0 Added All soulpets, Added Arabian translation and you no longer need to click Calculate! button
Version 3.1 Fixed soulpets, they had a bug where they could show the wrong stat after changing a beltslot that had a soulpet in it.

The calculator is written in .NET by Corsola with the help of DarkMiba (Also from Baphomet server)

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